Export Market Development Grant

This is an Australian Federal Government Grant to help Australian businesses with their marketing and business development overseas.

The EMDG scheme:

  • encourages small- and medium-sized Australian businesses to develop export markets
  • reimburses up to 50 per cent of eligible export promotion expenses above $5,000 provided that the total expenses are at least $15,000
  • provides up to eight grants to each eligible applicant.


An Australian individual, partnership, company, association, cooperative or statutory corporation that has:

  • carried on business in Australia
  • promoted the export of goods
  • promoted the delivery of services outside Australia
  • promoted certain services in Australia to non-residents
  • promoted inbound tourism
  • promoted the export of intellectual property and know-how outside Australia
  • an income of less than $50 million for the year
  • spent at least $15,000 on eligible export promotional activities.
    A trustee may also apply on behalf of a trust.


  • overseas representation expenses
  • marketing consultant expenses (including those of Asia Advisory)
  • marketing visits expenses
  • free samples expenses
  • trade fairs, seminars, in-store promotions expenses
  • promotional literature and advertising expenses
  • overseas buyers expenses
  • registration and/or insurance of eligible intellectual property expenses.

ATC_EMDG FLYER_Jul-18-v6.indd


  • up to 50 per cent reimbursement of eligible expenses, less the first $5,000
  • each applicant may receive a grant of up to $150,000 per application, to a maximum of eight annual grants
  • grants are regarded as assessable for income tax purposes
  • the Australian Taxation Office has confirmed that GST will not apply to EMDG grants.


  • relate to trade with New Zealand and North Korea, and with Iran up to and including 17 January 2016
  • are of a capital nature
  • relate to sales or product development
  • are fraudulent, unsubstantiated or related to an illegal activity. The GST component of incurred expenses cannot be claimed under EMDG.


To find out more about the application process, go to austrade.gov.au/Export/Export-Grants and select ‘Apply’. From this page you can also make sure your business is eligible to apply by reviewing the EMDG eligibility check list. You can contact Austrade on 13 28 78 at any time to clarify your eligibility.

Asia Advisory recommends to use specialist accountants to complete your claim. Our preferred accountant is:

Daniel Ronai, EMDG Consultant

Ronai Services


Why is Tourism so important to the Australian Economy?

The first episode in our new Tourism Series. We created this series to help improve Australian’s awareness of the role that tourism plays in our economy.

Australia is one of the world’s most successful examples of a multicultural nation, with many of Australia’s students, residents and citizens first visiting this wonderful country as tourists. We all have a role to play as ambassadors for Australia and hope this series will improve awareness of the role of our tourism industry.

An interview with Asia Advisory Founder & CEO, Adam O’Neill and Haymarket HQ General Manager, Duco van Breeman on the Top 3 reasons why Tourism is so important to the Australian economy.

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The equation that sold the QLD Tourism Industry on Mobile Payments

Forward-thinking from Katie Mills and the team at Tourism and Events Queensland sharing the equation of how they sold the tourism industry on preparing for Digital payments from Chinese travellers.

A $407m opportunity, addressing the spending gap by making transactions easier for visitors.

The pilot program between Tourism and Events Queensland and Alipay delivering 84% increase in transaction volume and 202% increase in transaction value in $AUD!


Visitors to Japan hit the record high in 2018 but forgo shopping sprees

Tourism competition is heating up across Asia and it’s not just because of geopolitics. Japan had a record high of 31.19 million visitors in 2018 despite natural disasters and airport shutdowns. However, the level of annual growth is slowing, from 17.8% to 8.7% in 2018. Additionally, Chinese shoppers are becoming more frugal with their spending and have been overtaken by Australia as Japan’s top-spending visitors. Companies are now trying to attract foreigners through experience-based services vs buying luxury items. We are already seeing this trend emerging in Australia.

LinkedIn: Visitors to Japan hit the record high in 2018 but forgo shopping sprees

Australia-China Relations Institute

Australia-China Relations Institute, University of Technology Sydney

Emerging Leaders Forum Strong insights from Murray Hurps on the Entrepreneurship opportunities for Australia to catch up with the rest of the world. Australia’s ASX is dominated by an oligopoly of banks and consortium of Mining & Resources companies but where are the Digital Technology companies? In 2018, @University of Technology Sydney launched UTS Startups, a community focused on engaging, inspiring and connecting students to entrepreneurship opportunities and this is just the start of a huge task that Australia needs to do to promote Entrepreneurship

LinkedIn: Australia-China Relations Institute