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These turbulent times are challenging for any business, especially those of us dependent on travel and tourism or retail. But disruptions in customer demand provide time and headspace to plan and accelerate your digital marketing. Starting with a go-to-market audit we will identify the digital strengths and vulnerabilities of your business. Building a framework to build awareness, strengthen lead funnels and ultimately accelerate your online conversion. What are some of the areas a go-to-market audit will address?


Target Audience Profile

Evaluate your current customers and identify new target audiences that may offer growth opportunities. How well do you know and understand your dream customer? What are their challenges and desires? Where can you find them? What is their preferred form of communication? Using our Persona framework to research and quantify these new segments and convert them into incremental revenue for your business.

Lead Funnels Audit

During times of crisis is the best time to double-down on your awareness and conversion campaigns. Your existing customers are your strongest advocates but do you have the processes in place to attract, grow and retain your new leads? This review will evaluate your acquisition strategies to attract new customers and automate the conversion process whilst setting up processes to reward customer loyalty.

e-Commerce Audit

Welcome to the new normal, businesses that have relied on face to face transactions and sales through a physical shopfront are now being forced to transact online. Most small & medium-sized businesses don’t have virtual stores or the ability to transact online. This strategy will evaluate your ability to automate purchases and accept payment reducing barriers to conversions and sales.

CRM Strategy

A focus on Customer Relationship Management will serve dual benefits of maintaining sales with existing customers whilst identifying potential leads. This type of “low cost” marketing will build your customer acquisition roadmap building new revenue sources that future-proof sales over time.

Case Studies

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The Sydney Connection

A Digital Media Audit of the website and social channels identified SEO recommendations and a content strategy to align with travellers research and bookings

Client Website

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Sydney Charter Boat

Asia Advisory has helped us identify new customer segments and actively market with a simplified booking and payment process

Client Website

What’s the best bit?

We’ll show you how to unlock Federal Government support for your international marketing and collaterals. Using the Export Market Development Grant you may be entitled to up to $150,000 of financial support for international marketing initiatives. Note this also covers marketing fees from us 🙂 Wahoo!

Order a complimentary Go To Market Audit (valued at $349) Let’s build something great together!

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