“I worked with Adam extensively when we were setting up the Red Bull business in Korea in 2011. Adam and his team became core partners for the launch of the brand in the market, where their local insights of the unique digital and media landscape where fundamental to our success. He is an entrepreneur at heart: someone that grows businesses from the ground up, and pulls together strong teams and experts – a huge asset for anyone that works with him in the future.”


“Having worked with Adam for 3 years while helping to build GroupM Korea, I have seen him evolve into a superb business thinker and truly inspiring leader. He has more than tripled the size of the company in two short years, while focusing on the building blocks of continual innovation, people growth, and creativity. Adam is a very rare breed and is able to operate at top quality levels across areas such as business operations, talent development, service expansion, and acquisitions, while taking a very creative and innovative approach to what we do in media today. All this while staying friendly and being super fun to work with which is almost impossible to find these days.”


“Adam’s experience in Asian markets was very important to help ensure we improved some significant agency relationship metrics. The combination of his mature / professional business approach with a passion for our product / people meant we implemented an effective action plan that was well monitored and is already starting to see positive results.”


“I had the pleasure of working with Adam to grow the LG Electronics TV brand through global media initiatives. Adam is a proactive leader with tremendous insights and the highest level of professionalism. He was a strong partner and consultant, and I would certainly work with him again.”

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“I have worked with Seung Jung (SJ) in both academic and business contexts. SJ has always presented herself in the most professional manner. In lectures she worked well in groups, arrived prepared for the sessions and performed to a high standard academically. In the business context SJ has worked for my social enterprise Mindfulness for the Global Village as an Assistant Trainer and a Trainer. She is a confident communicator and works well with clients from diverse industry backgrounds. SJ is fun, reliable and highly knowledgeable in her field of Cultural intelligence. I can recommend her highly for relevant positions.”

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“I have had the pleasure of working with SJ Yang in delivering Cultural Intelligence to a number of clients, including the City international events teams, senior engineers, and public sector clients. SJ has deep professional insight and personal experience of bridging the East-West cultural divide. She brings this to life to clients with practical real-life examples and guides them to success. As a published academic in the field of Cultural Intelligence, SJ also has strong theoretical grounding and teaching experience, which she skillfully translates into an engaging training style.”