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Adam O’Neill
Managing Director

Adam is the Managing Director of Asia Advisory, an Australian-based consultancy helping businesses to attract, grow and retain clients from Asia.  

Adam has almost two decades of advertising and marketing experience working with international clients, government bodies, and small businesses such as the Australia-Korea Business Council, Australia-China Business Council, LG Electronics, LVMH, Red Bull, Rolex, Tourism Australia, Destination NSW, Unilever, and Westpac. 

Adam’s career highlights include leading Tourism Australia’s International media account and launching the Restaurant Australia campaign into 14 markets. Adam has also led advertising campaigns for Destination NSW,, and Singapore Airlines. Adam has also circumnavigated the world 2 ½ times as a crew member on a 126m Superyacht. Adam’s hobbies include Photography, Travel, and Sailing. 

Superyacht Octopus in the ocean
Motor Yacht Octopus

Early in his career Adam met Bill Gates and Paul Allen, the Microsoft co-founders, and traveled around the world two and a half times by sea onboard the Motor Yacht Octopus.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Marketing and Organisational Psychology from Macquarie University Sydney, and is continuing his Korean studies at the Korean Education Centre, Sydney.

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headshot of aryeh sternberg
Aryeh Sternberg
Marketing Consultant

Aryeh is a marketing consultant to Asia Advisory and the Account Team Lead APAC for KUDO.

Aryeh Sternberg has been working in the Digital space for over 20 years. His work has spanned among the digital advertising, publishing, digital platform development, startup space, ad-tech and innovation industries, AI and ML, always connected by a tether of structured and unstructured data.  

He has been a web developer, Creative Director, Innovation Manager, and won numerous creative, media, and innovation awards for global brands including Nike, Pepsi, and Unilever. 

Through his recent work in data-driven Intent marketing, he has pushed his clients to challenge traditional communication channels, forced them to look in the mirror at the typical one-way communication strategies they deploy; with little to no measurement capability in place to measure the actual consumption and engagement by their consumers there is no way to measure for real-time engagement and optimize accordingly.

Aryeh loves integrating human engagement through audience Intent across the digital universe; taking consumers Above, Below, Through, and Beyond The Line, making connections across and among disparate technology, data, and creative layers of interaction to deliver bespoke solutions that solve real problems. 

Aryeh studied Economics at the University of Chicago and has an MBA from the University of Hawaii. He grew up in Boulder, Colorado, has lived and worked in over 15 countries, speaks conversational Mandarin Chinese and Vietnamese,  and currently resides in Sydney, Australia

Girl graduation
Eileen Oei,
Marketing & Research Intern, Indonesia

Meet one of our new Asia Advisors!

Eileen is an Indonesian student, currently pursuing her postgraduate degree, Master of Financial Analysis, at the University of New South Wales.
Eileen’s role in Asia Advisory focuses on market research and content management. She helped develop a consistent brand identity and establish an online presence for companies to help gain exposure to designated target markets. Eileen has a keen interest in an active lifestyle and enjoys spending her time exploring new cuisine.
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chinese girl
Zoe Xu,
Marketing & Research Intern, China

Zoe is a Sydney-based marketer with a passion for content production and audience engagement.

Zoe is a Sydney-based marketer with a passion for content production and audience engagement. In the times where digital marketing and content marketing have become increasingly important, she focuses on helping brands communicate with the target audience with high-quality content. Zoe hopes to help more brands in the communication with the target audience with her high standards in content production and her unique understanding of audience engagement in Asia Advisory

Zoe holds a Master of Media Practice from The University of Sydney. Due to her background in media, she pays great attention to content production in marketing. In the times where digital marketing and content marketing have become increasingly important, she focuses on helping brands to communicate with target audiences with high-quality content. She has a great interest in art marketing as she believes the art industry is the one that needs the most delicate content curation in marketing.
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Shreya Marketing & Research Intern, India

Shreya is a junior marketer, whose primary strengths are analysis and creative writing. She enjoys writing across different formats and platforms and discovering new storytelling techniques.

Although her experience spans across B2B sales roles, podcasting, research, and writing, she believes that they all require the ability to communicate effectively. She is keen to learn more about the tools that enable storytelling and marketing, in the digital era.  

She speaks four languages, has a fondness for academia and corporate targets, and believes in the power of the written word. She hopes to bring an Indian perspective to Asia Advisory and introduce Australia to the massive potential of the East.

Shreya has a dual Master’s degree in International Business and Communication from Macquarie University and a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Management from the University of London.

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