A recent campaign celebrating the rise of China from poverty to the second largest economy in the world. We find this interesting for a few reasons; 1. Globalisation, Patriotism and Nationalism are all at an inflection point right now, not just politics but as we decide what is the best way forward as Global citizens. 2. Many people alive today have been through significant change over the past 80 years, from wars and famine, through the industrial revolution, and now via connected technology and the 4th Industrial revolution. It’s difficult to fathom how that makes one feel about the world and their role in it. 3. This rapid evolution is most prevalent in Asia, home to 4.5 billion people, all going through the 4th Industrial revolution together as the evolving middle class. Some may have difficulty going through such rapid change but if we keep an open mind and learn to evolve and understand each other, it could unlock potential available to us only in our wildest dreams. #Inspiration #Education #Potential LinkedIn: KFC serves nuggets with patriotism KFC China

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