Slow visitation in Sydney but improvements forecast with falling Australian dollar

SeaLink Travel Group has noted slower tourism growth impacting Sydney Harbour cruises but is seeing improved tourism demand in Western Australia supported by funding initiatives from The Government of Western Australia. The company also notes that a softening Australian dollar will make Australia a more attractive holiday destination for both international visitors and local residents.

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Selling Australian Tourism Experiences to Asia

Selling Australian Tourism Experiences to Asia

A couple of weeks ago we had a conversation with Terry Hilsberg about our business plan for the China Canvas Challenge.

Starting with how we launched Asia Advisory and the story of establishing people-to-people relationships in Korea. Returning to Australia in late 2013, our discovery that many Australian businesses struggle to build professional and people-to-people relationships with Asia.

We are less than 7 months old as a startup and based at Haymarket HQ in Sydney. We believe Tourism is one of the first frontiers in building understanding between Australia & Asia. Working with a handful of foundation clients to help Australian Tourism businesses to attract customers from across Asia.

Thanks to the Alibaba GroupAustralia-China CouncilAustralia China Business CouncilAustralia PostWiise and Haymarket HQ as sponsors and judges.

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Asia Advisory in final round pitch for China Canvas Challenge

Asia Advisory has made the Top 8 companies from a pool of 400 entries to pitch on Friday 12th April for a chance to win a trip to Shanghai to visit the Alibaba Group Headquarters.

Please join us for the pitch night:

Haymarket HQ

6pm-9pm Friday 12th April

Register via the link below to see some of the best Australian companies preparing to take their business to China. Food & Drinks will be provided, we look forward to sharing our story and an opportunity to take our business to Shanghai.

Thanks to all the Sponsors and partners for making this possible.

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Tailoring Products and Services for Chinese Travellers

Another busy evening on Sydney Harbour

We are only starting to see the beginning of Chinese Tourism in Australia. There are 50 million Chinese Tourists travelling internationally each year and only 10% of citizens currently have passports. This is forecast to double in the next year and Australia is well positioned as a destination to welcome them. However, there is still plenty of work to do in tailoring our products and services for Chinese travellers and these insights will hopefully help the industry evolve as new segments emerge.

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