Understanding Australia’s Tourism Recovery Package

Tourism is our 3rd largest export after Iron Ore & Coal and employs 1 in 13 Australians. Suffering a fall in domestic and international tourists over the summer with bushfires across Australia, the Federal Government has announced a Tourism Recovery Package.
Here is a detailed explanation of the funding and what it means for tourism in Australia.

Understanding Australia’s Tourism Recovery Pacakge

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Why is Tourism so important to the Australian Economy?

The first episode in our new Tourism Series. We created this series to help improve Australian’s awareness of the role that tourism plays in our economy.

Australia is one of the world’s most successful examples of a multicultural nation, with many of Australia’s students, residents and citizens first visiting this wonderful country as tourists. We all have a role to play as ambassadors for Australia and hope this series will improve awareness of the role of our tourism industry.

An interview with Asia Advisory Founder & CEO, Adam O’Neill and Haymarket HQ General Manager, Duco van Breeman on the Top 3 reasons why Tourism is so important to the Australian economy.

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Aus tourism exports lift as Asia gets richer

The growth in the value of Australia international tourism over the last five years has even outstripped growth in iron ore exports over the same period. Meanwhile, Australia’s international visitor expenditure has, over the last five years, grown at an average annual rate of around 9 per cent. Visitors from China, India and Japan have been the main contributors.


International Visitors In Australia

By March 2019, the number of international visitors in Australia is 8.5 million, 3% higher than last year. 
As for the purpose of trips, education and business-related trips recorded an increase (7% respectively). 
Top 5 markets are #China(1.3million), #NewZealand(1.3million), #India(343,000), #UK(673,000) and #US(750,000). 
#India continued as the strongest market, where visitors are mainly for #VFR purposes.

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Asia is the future of Australia’s inbound tourism, not just China

Tourism Australia MD & CEO John O’Sullivan has one key theme throughout his keynote and panel discussions: While China is important to inbound growth, we should not be ignoring other Asian markets.

The insightful video includes Asia Tourism Growth Outlook and the panel covering the topic named Facilitating the expansion- Are Australia and New Zealand equipped?

Key notes are:
– Chinese visitors in Australia/NZ highly concentrated around Jan/Feb. How to drive year-round sustainability?
– China is big, but we shouldn’t ignore other Asian markets. What are the other less well-known and exciting inbound developments?

Watch the video and see more details:
Tourism Australia video

Tourism Australia
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