About Asia Advisory

What does Asia Advisory do? https://youtu.be/tEHJhhTbus0 An interview with Asia Advisory Founder & CEO, Adam O'Neill https://www.linkedin.com/in/adammarko... and Haymarket HQ General Manager, Duco van Breeman https://www.linkedin.com/in/ducovanbr... on the detailed explanation of what Asia Advisory does. Please subscribe to our Youtube channel, and follow our Social channels for more inspiration: https://www.asiaadvisory.co https://www.linkedin.com/company/asia... https://www.facebook.com/asiaadvisory https://twitter.com/AsiaAdvisory #FutureConsumer #Tourism … Continue reading About Asia Advisory

The State of Australian Tourism

Australia’s tourism industry can come together to support and help rebuild our communities influenced by the Bush Fires. Australia is a huge country and many places are still welcoming tourists, in other communities affected by the bushfires some are dependent on domestic and international tourists to rebuild again. Please have a listen to this well … Continue reading The State of Australian Tourism

Why is Tourism so important to the Australian Economy?

The first episode in our new Tourism Series. We created this series to help improve Australian's awareness of the role that tourism plays in our economy. Australia is one of the world's most successful examples of a multicultural nation, with many of Australia's students, residents and citizens first visiting this wonderful country as tourists. We … Continue reading Why is Tourism so important to the Australian Economy?


The Regional Tourism Satellite Accounts provide information on the importance of tourism for each of Australia's tourism regions. In NSW, total tourism consumption was $21.8bn in 2017-18, which was 8% higher than the percentage in 2016-17. Click the link and check the full report. https://www.tra.gov.au/Economic-analysis/Economic-Value/Regional-Tourism-Satellite-Account/regional-tourism-satellite-account?utm_campaign=TOURISM-Tourism+Investment+Monitor+2019&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Tourism+Matters+Newsletter


The latest Tourism Investment Monitor 2019 reports on the number and value of significant projects in Australia’s tourism investment pipeline in 2018–19. International arrivals are forecast to grow 57% to 14.6 million, while domestic overnight trips are expected to increase 11% to 125.3 million in 2028–29. Meanwhile, supporting investment in a diverse range of high … Continue reading TOURISM INVESTMENT MONITOR 2019