Chinese tourists: Dispelling the myths

Some companies think they are familiar enough with Chinese customers, however, this report from McKinsey & Company points that there are still some gaps between tourists from China and tourism companies.

The reports also give some useful insights to guide tourism companies. The keywords include experience, diverse travel, package tour, fine dining, digital transaction methods and more.

Here are full version report and more details:

Chinese tourists: Dispelling the myths

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The Changing Face of Tourism

As the emerging middle classes grow, so to do their travel budgets. In the next 10 years, the Chinese will account for 1 in 4 tourists. India will represent the largest growth in travellers and Australia will play a role as a leading destination for both. Most countries around the world will benefit from Tourism, excluding the USA who have introduced travel bans, more visa checks and suffer from a stronger dollar. Leading to a 4% decline in International arrivals whilst other countries have experienced double-digit growth. The Economist has released an informative snapshot which has us very excited.

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