Episode 2: What does Asia Advisory do?

An interview with Asia Advisory Founder & CEO, Adam O’Neill https://www.linkedin.com/in/adammarkoneill and Haymarket HQ General Manager, Duco van Breemen https://www.linkedin.com/in/ducovanbreenmen on the what Asia Advisory does.

There are 3 things products Asia Advisory is focussed on:

  1. Digital Marketing: Getting their digital presence up and running; websites, content and social media
  2. B2B Partnerships: Helping our clients with trade shows to sell their products via wholesalers and inbound tour operators
  3. e-Commerce and mobile payments: Get setup to sell tourism experiences online and to be able to manage inventory and take payments

These are all critical for tourism businesses as many do not have a physical shopfront, so success with digital marketing and e-commerce will determine success for the business.

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Understanding Australia's Tourism Recovery Package

Tourism is our 3rd largest export after Iron Ore & Coal and employs 1 in 13 Australians. Suffering a fall in domestic and international tourists over the summer with bushfires across Australia, the Federal Government has announced a Tourism Recovery Package.
Here is a detailed explanation of the funding and what it means for tourism in Australia.

Understanding Australia’s Tourism Recovery Pacakge

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The State of Australian Tourism

Australia’s tourism industry can come together to support and help rebuild our communities influenced by the Bush Fires. Australia is a huge country and many places are still welcoming tourists, in other communities affected by the bushfires some are dependent on domestic and international tourists to rebuild again. Please have a listen to this well informed discussion from Dr Richard Beirman from UTS and Andrea Paulowsky.


Why is Tourism so important to the Australian Economy?

The first episode in our new Tourism Series. We created this series to help improve Australian’s awareness of the role that tourism plays in our economy.

Australia is one of the world’s most successful examples of a multicultural nation, with many of Australia’s students, residents and citizens first visiting this wonderful country as tourists. We all have a role to play as ambassadors for Australia and hope this series will improve awareness of the role of our tourism industry.

An interview with Asia Advisory Founder & CEO, Adam O’Neill and Haymarket HQ General Manager, Duco van Breeman on the Top 3 reasons why Tourism is so important to the Australian economy.

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The equation that sold the QLD Tourism Industry on Mobile Payments

Forward-thinking from Katie Mills and the team at Tourism and Events Queensland sharing the equation of how they sold the tourism industry on preparing for Digital payments from Chinese travellers.

A $407m opportunity, addressing the spending gap by making transactions easier for visitors.

The pilot program between Tourism and Events Queensland and Alipay delivering 84% increase in transaction volume and 202% increase in transaction value in $AUD!