Are you ready to engage with the Chinese market?

Most of our clients are keen to get ready for the Chinese market because visitors from China are increasing dramatically in recent years. The case study from #Aurora Hotels Resorts Attractions shares some key points through their practical experience to engage with China include: 1. Continually review your position – talk to Chinese visitors and … Continue reading Are you ready to engage with the Chinese market?

Asia Advisory Clarity Story

Since 2008, Adam O’Neill has been working to connect International and Asian businesses from LG Electronics, RedBull, Rolex, Unilever and Tourism Australia. Over the past 5 years, he has helped Australian tourism businesses address the rapid evolution of change in Asian markets. How can a tourism operator connect with Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian and South East Asian … Continue reading Asia Advisory Clarity Story

Is your business “China Ready”​?

Five Considerations for Start-ups & SMEs Last month, we joined a group of Australian Startups on a study tour to Shanghai. Asia Advisory was one of eight finalists in the Haymarket HQ China Canvas Challenge and we had spent the last seven weeks preparing our startup plans for entry into China. The program follows the lean startup canvas … Continue reading Is your business “China Ready”​?

Part 2 – Navigating the best startup hubs and incubators in Korea

The Slide, Seoul Startup Hub Relaxation Pods, Seoul Startup Hub Solo Working Spaces, Seoul Startup Hub seoul startup hub  Features: Central Seoul Location, Good Transport, Foreigner Friendly, Multiple support companies in-house, Seoul Market Access Program, 3D Printing, Test KitchenKeywords: #Startup #Incubator #Accelerator #3DPrinting #TestKitchenThis facility is conveniently located in the Gongdeok area, North East of … Continue reading Part 2 – Navigating the best startup hubs and incubators in Korea

Australia joins TPP

Australia stands divided, unsure of whether to continue close ties with the USA and risk the loss of its largest trading power China or to continue to tow the line of Nationalism with the US. As part of a recent forum we participated in at the hashtag#AKBC2018 we are encouraged to look beyond bi-lateral relationships … Continue reading Australia joins TPP