No Lull for Luxury

No Lull for Luxury

Plenty of talk out of Davos about “Slowbalisation”, markets are volatile, China is slowing, Nationalism is running wild, uncertainty it seems is at an all-time high. 

But not for LVMH Chairman Bernard Arnault…

He sees things very differently; rising demand from Asia with a discerning Chinese consumer. The Chinese are spending a lot at home, not just when they are travelling overseas. 

The secret is a strong LVMH China team on the ground who have adapted to the rapidly changing market. The speed at which the Luxury market is evolving is phenomenal.

Low-Interest rates, the availability of cash, undervalued stocks and pull pack in asset values show that LVMH will have a good 2019 but there may be a blip in the near future in 2021/2.

LVMH is looking at further acquisitions in Hotels such as the BELMONT GROUP LIMITED The company is sector and industry agnostic and always remain open to new opportunities.  









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