Tourism contributes $57.3Bn to the Australian economy

The latest numbers from Tourism Research Australia shows a 7% growth in spending. Tourism is Australia’s largest services export, accounting for 9.3% or $37.4Bn of total exports.

Additionally, the Australian Tourism industry employs over 646,000 people.

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Vietnam is ready for the fight!!

Vietnam is ready for the opportunity!!

With an export economy which is double the size of its GDP, Vietnam was ranked No. 1 among seven emerging Asian countries as manufacturing destinations by Natixis, which looked at demographics, wages and electricity costs, rankings in doing business and logistics, and manufacturing as a share of total foreign direct investment.

A red-hot economy, business-friendly policies and a Communist party led by free-traders: that’s the elevator pitch Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc is delivering to global investors amid the U.S.-China trade war.

Many companies are moving their Asian manufacturing to Vietnam, including Samsung Electronics which accounts for one-fifth of the country’s exports. Vietnam’s profile is also benefiting from increased global attention with the next Trump & Kim meeting to be hosted in Ho Chi Min City.

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Australian Universities and China

International education is now a $32 billion export industry for Australia, it’s our third largest export industry and our single largest services export industry.

There is a clear and urgent need for Australians and Australian Universities to continue fostering the relationship, not only with China but with our largest source markets.

The top five of which are all notably in the Asia Pacific Region; China, India, Malaysia, Nepal and Vietnam.

This is a world-class speech given by UQ Chancellor Mr Peter Varghese AO on where we should ponder and share the agenda. “The answer for universities, as for the nation, is not to turn away from China but to engage with China, to manage the risks and always to have a clear-eyed view of the bigger picture.”

LinkedIn: Australian Universities and China

Japan’s Beef Industry Is In Crisis

A subject close to our hearts, Wagyu Beef. Japan’s Beef exports this year will surpass 20 Billion Yen, nearly double that of 2015. However, the industry is in crisis. Kyushu is one of Japan’s largest Wagyu breading hubs is suffering from an ageing population. Half of the regions farmers are 70 years or older and 80% of them don’t have a successor. The younger generation is turning their back on the countryside lifestyle. Australian producers are picking up the demand. Peter Gilmour, President of the Australian Waygu Association says that Australia has a number of advantages over Japan. “Land in Japan is more expensive, farms tend to be quite small and they have quite intensive staffing levels”. Around 24,000 tonnes of Wagyu was produced in Australia in 2016 with 85-90% going to the export market. That is about 10 times the Japanese Wagyu exports. “There is a big focus on achieving the similar eating quality of what Japanese farmers are capable of doing”…”That is where you see the excitement” Mr Gilmour said.

LinkedIn: Japan’s Beef Industry Is In Crisis