International Visitors In Australia

By March 2019, the number of international visitors in Australia is 8.5 million, 3% higher than last year. As for the purpose of trips, education and business-related trips recorded an increase (7% respectively). Top 5 markets are #China(1.3million), #NewZealand(1.3million), #India(343,000), #UK(673,000) and #US(750,000). #India continued as the strongest market, where visitors are mainly for #VFR purposes. Tourism AustraliaAustralia.comDestination NSWAustralian Tourism Export CouncilTourism Research Australia See … Continue reading International Visitors In Australia

Asia Advisory Clarity Story

Since 2008, Adam O’Neill has been working to connect International and Asian businesses from LG Electronics, RedBull, Rolex, Unilever and Tourism Australia. Over the past 5 years, he has helped Australian tourism businesses address the rapid evolution of change in Asian markets. How can a tourism operator connect with Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian and South East Asian … Continue reading Asia Advisory Clarity Story

Tourism contributes $57.3Bn to the Australian economy

The latest numbers from Tourism Research Australia shows a 7% growth in spending. Tourism is Australia's largest services export, accounting for 9.3% or $37.4Bn of total exports. Additionally, the Australian Tourism industry employs over 646,000 people. #australia #travel #exports #tourism

Selling Australian Tourism Experiences to Asia Selling Australian Tourism Experiences to Asia A couple of weeks ago we had a conversation with Terry Hilsberg about our business plan for the China Canvas Challenge. Starting with how we launched Asia Advisory and the story of establishing people-to-people relationships in Korea. Returning to Australia in late 2013, our discovery that many Australian businesses struggle to build professional … Continue reading Selling Australian Tourism Experiences to Asia

Chinese Payment Systems & Tourism

A number of clients struggle with this, particularly those tourism experiences without a physical shop front. Research from Tourism Research Australia shows that in 2018, 1.4m Tourists from China injected AUD$11.7Bn spend into the Australian economy, and this is forecast to triple to $34Bn by 2026. These investment figures could be significantly higher if we … Continue reading Chinese Payment Systems & Tourism