Imagine travelling the world, being greeted as an authority in your industry and rubbing shoulders with inspirational business leaders like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. This might seem like a pipe-dream. But the truth is, this lifestyle isn’t as hard to achieve as you may think.

The secret is building a powerful personal brand that follows you wherever you go… and now, there’s never been a more important time to have one.

Drowning in Data

In today’s information economy we’re all drowning in data.  We live in a time where everybody now shares their lives online. And the last thing you want, is to end up as another blur in an endless newsfeed.

I encourage you to stand up and take ownership of how the world perceives you.  To proactively curate your brand, making sure you stand out for doing the things that you’re passionate about.

The problem, of course, is knowing how to build your personal brand in the most effective way possible.

And, hopefully, that’s where I can help….

Personal Branding Flywheel

My name is Adam O’Neill. And over the past two decades, I’ve been lucky enough to have lived and worked all over the world meeting business leaders of the stature of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Paul Allen. I’ve also spearheaded advertising campaigns for many of the world’s top brands, including Red Bull, Rolex, LG Electronics and Unilever. Time and again, I’ve leveraged my own personal brand whenever I’ve needed to forge new connections, grow influence within my organisation and most recently gain more visibility for my own business.

In this course, I’ll be teaching you how to get similar results through a simple methodology I’ve used to create thousands of marketing campaigns for big multinational brands — and which will help superpower your own personal brand. By the end, you’ll know exactly what it takes to rise above the noise and break into circles that, at first sight, seem impossible to access.

You’ll also gain the confidence to clearly articulate your personal brand in any situation you encounter, and to connect with the sorts of people who could powerfully support your vision.  Unlike other courses on personal branding, this one won’t shower you with endless theory that leaves you adrift in the real world. I’ll be giving you a simple and actionable framework that uses mindset techniques, networking tools and communication skills needed to bring your own personal brand and vision to life.


What are participants saying?

because the job market is so competitive at the moment and my circle consists mostly of recent graduates/young adults then a focus on Personal branding helps me get a competitive edge over other candidates”

Abigail, University of Sydney Graduate

Anyone would benefit from a strong personal brand – whether they are a small business owner, CEO, instagram influencer or a high school tutor.

Anonymous Course Participant

Informed, engaging content by someone with years of experience in an industry is always valuable.

Anonymous Course Participant

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