A subject close to our hearts, Wagyu Beef. Japan’s Beef exports this year will surpass 20 Billion Yen, nearly double that of 2015. However, the industry is in crisis. Kyushu is one of Japan’s largest Wagyu breading hubs is suffering from an ageing population. Half of the regions farmers are 70 years or older and 80% of them don’t have a successor. The younger generation is turning their back on the countryside lifestyle. Australian producers are picking up the demand. Peter Gilmour, President of the Australian Waygu Association says that Australia has a number of advantages over Japan. “Land in Japan is more expensive, farms tend to be quite small and they have quite intensive staffing levels”. Around 24,000 tonnes of Wagyu was produced in Australia in 2016 with 85-90% going to the export market. That is about 10 times the Japanese Wagyu exports. “There is a big focus on achieving the similar eating quality of what Japanese farmers are capable of doing”…”That is where you see the excitement” Mr Gilmour said. LinkedIn: Japan’s Beef Industry Is In Crisis

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