Startups today are no longer constrained by geographical boundaries. You can launch a product or service literally anywhere in the world and across multiple international markets simultaneously. However, there are a few massive challenges holding us back:

1. Adopt a Global Mindset. Do your homework on what success looks like for your customers and local business partners, you’ll be surprised at how wrong your initial assumptions are.

2. Spent Time in Market. This is not only free research but even just a few days will give you a really strong sense of conviction of whether this market is right for you or not, where the opportunities are and how you can maximise them.

3. Build a local team. This is probably the most critical one. Spend time sharing your vision and build a local team. Although not easy it’s the fastest way to apply local knowledge and unlock expertise. GOJEK LTD is a great case study of a ride-sharing service from South East Asia, ready to take on the world

LinkedIn: How tech firms can take on SE Asia?


Photo by Mikhail Nilov:

Asian Team Meeting

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