Online Travel Websites in China such as ????Ctrip offer a new breed of inspiration, research and booking options, bringing much more power to the independent traveller. This interview with Jane Sun, CEO of Ctrip explores some of the 60 products the company offers to over 300 million registered users. The company collects 50 terabytes of data per day and is heavily invested in Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining to understand their customers and match with their supply.

Following Confucius teaching, ‘It’s better to travel 10,000 miles than to read 10,000 books’, Ctrip started its journey.

Ms Sun also highlights that online travel agents are not just low cost, they’ve recently sold $200,000 custom-made itineraries and are seeing double-digit increases in Families creating their own Hotel and Car Hire packages.

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How China’s largest online travel agency connects the world: An interview with Ctrip CEO Jane Sun

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