The Independent Apply Daily is making a significant comeback in Hong Kong, supported by a substancial increase in advertising from small businesses.

Increased policing, and strong punishment for public decent has influenced locals decisions to protest. However, people are now taking to the local paper to voice their views, with some going as far as purchasing classified ads as a form of protest.

 The Apple Daily’s publisher, Jimmy Lai, was arrested in July under the new national security law for allegedly colluding with foreign interference. Under Hong Kong law this is a punishable crime which can see a conspirator jailed for lifetime imprisonment. The same day the publisher was arrested approximately 200 police officers raided the Apple Daily’s offices, going through documents and taking away boxes of materials.

Most of the ads are tongue-in-cheek and take a comedic approach to voicing concerns. A local shop selling underwear, My Secret, used clever copywriting to mimic protest slogans and purchased a 1/4 page ad that said “Liberate your physique, underwear of our time”

More details on the story via Quartz

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