Tailoring Products and Services for Chinese Travellers

Another busy evening on Sydney Harbour

We are only starting to see the beginning of Chinese Tourism in Australia. There are 50 million Chinese Tourists travelling internationally each year and only 10% of citizens currently have passports. This is forecast to double in the next year and Australia is well positioned as a destination to welcome them. However, there is still plenty of work to do in tailoring our products and services for Chinese travellers and these insights will hopefully help the industry evolve as new segments emerge.

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The Avoidable War: Reflections on U.S.-China Relations and the End of Strategic Engagement

The Asia Society has released a series of 6 talks from former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd

The transition we are experiencing moving from Globalisation and Free Markets to that of Slowbalisation and Nationalism is a worrying macro trend, however, not necessarily something that has to continue to take the course it may appear to be leaning towards.

The Honorable Kevin Rudd seeks to address the drivers and implications as the world’s two superpowers drift apart and offer practical steps to digest the evolution of China’s growth, as well as thoughts on preserving the peace that has underpinned the Asian economic growth miracle of the last half-century.

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The failure that didn’t fail

A deep look into the rise of China, touching on cultural, political and economic insights into what has led the nation to become what it is today. According to Yuen Yuen Ang, a political scientist at the University of Michigan, China has created a unique hybrid, an autocracy with democratic characteristics.

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The Chinese century is well under way

There is a risk of just talking about China all the time but this infographic has got us standing up, doing high fives. A visual representation showing the power shift back to the east. A weighted chart of GDP vs. Latitude & Longitude.

Some mind blowing insights as well:

1. The Global centre of economic gravity is now in Siberia given China’s meteoric 900% GDP growth per person since the 1990s.

2. China has bought more than 740 million of its residents out of poverty since 1990.

3. Since the financial crisis in 2008, China has accounted for 45% of the growth in world GDP.

LinkedIn: The Chinese century is well under way

Australian Universities and China

International education is now a $32 billion export industry for Australia, it’s our third largest export industry and our single largest services export industry.

There is a clear and urgent need for Australians and Australian Universities to continue fostering the relationship, not only with China but with our largest source markets.

The top five of which are all notably in the Asia Pacific Region; China, India, Malaysia, Nepal and Vietnam.

This is a world-class speech given by UQ Chancellor Mr Peter Varghese AO on where we should ponder and share the agenda. “The answer for universities, as for the nation, is not to turn away from China but to engage with China, to manage the risks and always to have a clear-eyed view of the bigger picture.”

LinkedIn: Australian Universities and China