There’s no doubt Amazon is a beast when it comes to e-commerce marketplaces, but with this latest announcement, it really works to bring together local experiences, retail, and e-commerce all in one place. Amazon Explore is a platform under beta-testing in the US which allows retailers and tourism experiences the opportunity to share, train, and sell people all within the Amazon platform. Think of it kind of like AirBnB experiences but with product demos and potentially a sale at the end.

According to the landing page, Amazon Explore helps people to connect one-on-one with hosts around the world to explore anything from lessons to landmarks. Ask questions, investigate new locales, and, in many sessions, make purchases with Amazon’s secure checkout – all from the comfort of home.

This is a devastating blow for AirBnB experiences, which has found many operators put their business on hold in 2020. This new approach of getting around travel restrictions by offering one-on-one tourism in a live-streaming format is pretty unique, and something we’re sure AirBnB will have something to say about very soon.

How it works


Experiences currently listed in Australia include a skateboard ride along Manly Beach ending with a tour of the skateboard shop at the end, yep and you guessed right, that’s where you can but a new deck or kit yourself out with some of the latest gear. Jumping up to Asia in a couple of clicks you could be learning about Zen Buddhism and meditation in a tour of the 700-year-old Nanzenji Temple.

Amazon Explore is a powerful opportunity for small businesses, creatives, teachers and tour operators to share their skills and get rewarded for it.

We’re really excited to see this platform continue to expand and develop. Take a look around …

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Source: Photo by Monica Silvestre from Pexels

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