A number of clients struggle with this, particularly those tourism experiences without a physical shop front.

Research from Tourism Research Australia shows that in 2018, 1.4m Tourists from China injected AUD$11.7Bn spend into the Australian economy, and this is forecast to triple to $34Bn by 2026. These investment figures could be significantly higher if we made it easier for tourists to make payments using their preferred platforms.

According to a paper released by Trade and Investment Queensland and prepared by Andy Jiang 54% of daily transactions in China are conducted by mobile payments Alipay and WeChat Pay, and 27% of transactions by UnionPay International.

Most incredibly, there are not any Financial Institutions in Australia who have exclusive payment agreements with Alipay or WeChat Pay and there are a number of ongoing discussions.

This paper offers some simple processes to get your Tourism Business ready for accepting payments from Chinese Tourists using UnionPay InternationalAlipay and WeChat Pay.

Australian Tourism Export Council

Tourism Australia

Destination NSW

Visit Victoria

Tourism and Events Queensland

Tourism Tasmania

South Australian Tourism Commission

Tourism Western Australia

Tourism NT

Please check the full report here :


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