“Hermit Kingdom” “a military threat” and “Rocket-Man” are all terms Western Media have headlined as labels for North Korea and it’s leader Kim Jong-Un. However, if we keep labelling the country with these metaphors it will be difficult to resolve the conflict. Research from University of Technology Sydney Associate Professor Bronwen Dalton found that North Korea was rarely referred to as a country or its rulers as a government. A failure to understand North Korea’s interests has serious implications for how Australia (and its allies) respond to North Korea. The Australian media would be substantially enlivened by more stories illustrating individual and community life. This would give North Koreans a human face and offer the Australian public a less singular, monotonous depiction of a country so often written about with such a limited lexicon. Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and TradeThe Australian Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) The Sydney Morning #Herald#Korea#Media#diplomacy#AusPol


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